Welcome to the Puerto Rico Emergency Operations Center (PuertoRicoEOC).  PuertoRico is a Global Community member of Info4Disasters.This pages comes as an initiative in order to create a complete resource for use in emergency response, communication, and training.  It has been designed also to create & contribute to a tight network of native and regional individuals of like minds. Together they have to support & assist each other in times of crisis.

PuertoRicoEOC is not created for on-the-spot, in-the-moment event use alone. It is a web-based, vetted source page for emergency resources.  PuertoRicoEOC content includes ongoing, updated information for Uganda and the other neighboring regions, such as:

  • Basic regional emergency information, including ports and emergency contact numbers.
  • In-country & regional responding organizations.
  • Feeds of current alerts.
  • Status feeds of vital resources such as power outages, bridge breakdowns and road closures.  If available, these will be official.  If not, they will be either derived from reliable sources  & verified or noted as “unconfirmed”.
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